Parenting Support

Photo by evgenyatamanenko/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by evgenyatamanenko/iStock / Getty Images

Parenting consultation is a powerful tool in healing difficult parent-child interactions. Whether we schedule a few consultation meetings or engage in an ongoing series of consultations, I try to make parents feel like they are leaving with concrete strategies and a plan for how to shift their parenting interactions.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. Instead, I work hard to create a nonjudgmental space to understand how each family works and to create a parenting approach that fits best. In some cases, fine-tuning parenting approaches can be the most effective way to reduce troublesome behavior at home.

WHat can I help with?

  • Responding to tantrums effectively

  • Quicker and less stressful limit setting moments

  • Issues around sleep and bedtime

  • School reluctance/school refusal

  • Anxiety around homework and academics

  • Navigating sibling conflicts

  • Strategies for raising a child with disabilities

  • Motivating reluctant or apathetic children or teens

  • Navigating underage drug or alcohol abuse

  • Setting limits with screens, devices, and social media

  • Restoring respectful and constructive communication

  • Support in interacting with schools and teachers

how do I approach working with parents?

I take a collaborative and non-judgmental approach to parenting consultation. Starting with a discussion about the current problem, we explore how it developed and come up with strategies to start changing even deeply engrained family conflicts and patterns. I aim to have parents leave each meeting with a strategy in mind and skills or approaches to try.