Anxiety: Learning to Break the Cycle

Worries and fears are part of life. We’ve all had moments of panic or catastrophic thoughts about some impending, possible, or imagined crisis. It is hypothesized that fears are an evolutionary mechanism to keep us focused on the threat at hand, helping us survive. Nonetheless, they are markedly unpleasant! The threats of the past were about survival. In the present, threats are broader and can include threats to social standing, employment, family life, or academic success.

Finding a way to live bravely and with ease in the face of life’s stressors and risks is even more of a challenge for those who have anxiety disorders. What is an anxiety disorder? In a nutshell, the term means that the region of the human brain responsible for sounding alarm bells in the face of threats is stuck in overdrive, flooding the mind with fear, the body with adrenaline, and making it hard to focus on anything else.

Fortunately, anxiety disorders of all types are very treatable and psychotherapy is the primary approach. I have helped many people regain freedom from the burden of a heart full of worries. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss if working together might be the first step in your journey to a life with less anxiety.